Bio Eric

Eric is 58 years old, single, and "an inner voice" asked him a while ago to live with his old mother who needs support, and for him to be free to dedicate his days to ascension and the higher dimensions as he calls it.

Eric, like many of us, had a simple life struggling with duality and looking for any meaning here to be found. Slowly he understood that if there is a goal in life, he does not know much about it. But who does know that, if not again an external authority?

That is how he has met his inner voice.
Recently he found that, in order to reach his personal goal, to rise above duality, one must 'merge' with the ' one mind '.

If you are looking for a way to make contact with your inner voice, you can ask him for advice.
Does this make him special?

No, only unique, as each of us is.

Eric Huysmans