Personal Consult

How I work:

Every consultation is different and impossible to describe, but I can give you a certain image, with some imagination on your part.


People come to me and say that they have lost their 'keys', they can not find them anywhere.
After sufficient check-out I get an 'image' of that 'key'.
I tell that person that image. If the client can place / feel this image, we can build on it. You feel the key/guide.
A red thread forms and the client can pick up this thread and continue working on it. He found the next key.
I facilitate. It is your process / key.

Ultimately it is the intention that your inner voice, your higher self guides you. That is his function: to be a guide.
Even better is when we come to the point that we are our own guide, that we zero pointmindedness  has fully integrated into our existence.

Then you are manifested, individualized, ascended .... And that is why I do this .

We are one