Yalu Center



A center where you can be yourself, can come home to

Feel welcome here, as you are.
Relax in yourself, in nature, in life.
Life supports us, offers us an environment to enjoy, learn and discover.
What life is not is a place of stress, where you have to work to bring bread on the shelf, where you have to be better than the other, where there is always someone who is better than yourself.
Haste and crowds do not belong to you nor to me.
Life is abundance. Life is amazing, learning, certainly, but in harmony with everything around you.
Our center offers you the security that often thrown away in the modern world. becomes, in the name of progress.
Our center wants you to be completely here. You are not alone.
We are all connected.
This connection belongs to you and the true life.
This earth may not be our original home, but Gaia welcomes us to create our home here.


Belgium, 9800 Astene,

Nazarethsesteensweg 89