Zero Point Thinking



One of the biggest mistakes of modern man is that in order to solve a problem, he starts to think even harder.

The opposite is much more useful: become silent and listen, multidimensional.


Zero point thinking is a half meditative state and yet fully conscious. It is thinking with and from a 'higher' dimension.

It is not useful to walk around in your head, to refill your brain over and over again with already known answers, which did not work before and do not produce new information. One must address another 'unknown' source. This source is found in an active silent multi-state: a zero point where reflection is minimal.But that other 'thinking' is beyond the third dimension.

Reflecting ... when 'it'  has already happened ... what is there to save?

Beyond the thinking of the brain there are immense worlds of unknown, not known opportunities. Thinking out of the box is, in essence, thinking from a different dimension. You could also call it the collective perspective. The collective consciousness, the Akashic Records for others, has different rules.

The collective consciousness knows not of an I-problem, because an 'I-self' is not collective.  An I-self will never get there (the collective), because the I-self concocts its own private scenarios. 

An ego through its bias closes, for itself, that 'unknown' area. 

This area is not unknown at all, and even less unattainable.

Every true answer is unreachable for an ego that sees itself separated from everything and everyone. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy, a pre-chosen answer. The question does not matter. Excluding all possibilities your-self, never leads to knowing. It remains with secondary knowledge, learned, never authentic, never of 'your Self', your true Self. 

Whether it concerns relationships, money or any kind of search for happiness, zero point thinking is based on the unity of things. The I-self, by definition being an 'ego' and thus by its desire for separation, can not be obscured and thus limits itself immensely.

This need not be. It can be different. 

We ( look for a 'different dimension'. We open ourselves to the silence and emptiness of the collective consciousness: the zero (beginning) point where all possibilities become visible. It requires a complete turnaround of daily thinking:

stop re-flecting, 

learn to co-create. 

We want to spread this message and technique in Belgium and the whole world. We like to speak in your neighborhood, in a center. Understanding and applying this makes a difference in the world.