Connect with the source that you always were, are and remain

Every disease has its foundation in separation, specifically

the thought, and the selffulfilling prophesy: ​​I am separated from my source.

A source is everlasting, and can not cease to be a source.
But you can imagine it. This thought is called illusion. This in itself
is a contradiction. A source can not be anything other than a source. Understanding this is impossible within the current(old) rules.

Children can fantasize playing the game of cowboy and
indian, but they are not them. They pretend. They know
that, but as long as the game lasts, they do not want to know.

They are, as it were, both: player and spectator, creator
and created.

Note that in the global area of theworld the indians seem to lose and the
cowboy's seem to win. That is called agreement, karma. That is not true, cowboy's and indians are equal; but the 'appointment' remains valid ... until it is no longer valid, by making another agreement.

Agreements are made at soul level, here called multidimensionality.

The 'agreement' was not to remember your source till the year 2012. Then the rules change: we begin to re-member our source. Remember
that the Maya have set / established this 'forgetting game' for about 25,000 years. The Maya are not only the makers of the maya calendar.
At soul level they are the game makers, the game developers, the nerds.

Playing hide and seek is not just a popular game for children, even adult people act on it with passion: I am mortal, I am
separated from my source. I do not know what I'm doing here on Earth.

Illness, pain, war, sadness are things that cowboy's and indians
do experience. Someone MUST win, someone MUST lose, those are the rules.

Our rules are called duality, and we play this game
on the playground of the third dimension, three dimensions: Time / Space / Self.

Time: When

Space: Where

Self: I

Together: I, here and

I, here and now are agreements. And specifically these agreements have changed since 2012; this is explained  by the old rules of

linear time. But linear time is an agreement ... which is no longer valid now.

Some (Indians?) got it already, some (cowboy's?) not yet. Some remain 'shooting' at each other, others do not.
What a general trent is , is this: WE are tired the old game, and some a great deal (burn out?)

And that brings us back to illness, pain, war, grief. Everything you imagine, is 'real' ... for you ... the creator.

These are the new rules:

We are our own cause and effect.

We give and receive our SELF.

Multidimensionality wants to apply these rules. We want to confirm these new agreements and share them with the world. We make a stand say:

I am a multidimensional being.
My source and I are one.