The Wave and The Sea


How is it that "I" claims to be an individual 

and rejects everything around it, as the other,

 resulting in a hostile world, 

and a small anxious ego. 

Can you see that this is (only) a choice? 

And this choice is in you, and not somewhere out there.



We are multidimensional beings.

What does this mean? 

We mainly experience three-dimensional, we think.

From a multidimensional viewpoint this is a choice, the choice to experience (only) three-dimensionality (3D). Yes, it is a collective choice, hence ... but still a choice. 

The result is that your brothers and sisters, your co-experience, feed and share three-dimensional experiences with you and you with them. 

But it remains a choice, both personally and collectively.

It remains a game of choosing. 

Give and receive are one. 

What you feed will feed you. 

It starts and ends at 'you'.

The game, the choice, you could call 'free will'. You can 'freely' choose what to experience. 

However, you can only choose freely from the choices that you, all of us are offered. Life is the only choice from which we can choose. You can not choose for death. That is impossible. Life has no opposite. 

Choosing death is actually and ultimately choosing a new, next life. We call that reincarnation. Reincarnation is resting and choosing a new choice for a 'different' life. It is choosing a different form of life. It is and remains the same life. 

You only live once, forever. So why reincarnation? 

Do not make this mistake! Or better, understand the collective choice: choosing a different form of life, as an experience area. It is still alive and it will stay that way. Life is

Thus death better defined, then becomes: the choice 'to change shape'; just rest and then continue. That would really be a free choice. And then it is still life. 

We can not choose death. Rest yes, stop no. There is no such choice. 

We can choose to be a wave, live in life, in the sea. But there is nothing beyond the sea.

We can choose from life or from life, this life or another life, in this form or in another form. 

But no life, no that choice is not there. 

Fortunately, not!


That is choice. That is multidimensionality.

The choice is yours now: 

What do you choose: experiencing the 3D as you now know it or being as a source. 

What is needed is to let go of your old 3D world, and that is within you; the choice you make.

Do you understand what choosing is, choose freely. 


Do you notice too, you, with (your) children. 

They are tired of having to learn from old static books; listen and swallow.

Direct learning is connecting to the source and learning from that source.
It is talking to a tree or a cat.
It is learning along with your guides, with angels or other non-physical sources.

Het is je verbinden met je andere zelf uit het verleden of de toekomst, en zelfs dat niet.

 It is connecting you with your other self from the past or the future, and not even that.

 It is remembering, out of time. 

IT reveals itself. You do not have to do anything.

 You can only learn in unity. Do you understand? 

The sea is all that is, you are like the sea? 

Connect with the sea beyond knowledge, to knowing. 

You can not learn when you close up

.An 'I' does not really learn. He learns to aknowledge, to compare. 

The 'I' will never come to knowing. 

An ego doubts eternally. 

Comparing is closing down for the other, the unknown ... apparently for you. It only makes a very limited I-vision possible, an ivory tower with a window on the world, but not of the world.

 "I" is the representation of separation.

 A wave that thinks it is separate from the sea is not only insanity. 

It is simply not true and impossible. 

The ego then can impossibly know what does not exist. 

This need not be.

Then we also need to let go of our three-dimensional definitions of ourselves here, the other there, that world over there. Shedding walls that never existed, then only by our free choice. 

Those self-chosen collective definitions have to disappear, other choices are appparent. 

Where does 'I' stop, where does 'you' begin? Are we really in 'relationship' if my self-chosen border can not be brought down. 

Unity consciousness is no further than that one choice.
We are one!