My Self

The bed and the river



As water flows through the river,

we connect the water

with our impermanence,

and the bed with eternal life.


Nothing is less true.


The water is ever-changing life,

that flows through us.


We are the silent bed,

and we always stay our SELF.

Mijn vader en ik zijn één

Individuation is to undergo a law of nature, an inner self-regulating process whereby a person becomes a complete person by living and respecting the full range of himself. In that process the ego is ultimately confronted with something bigger than itself, a force for which it bows and which it serves. Thus man recognizes that he is both material and spiritual. He is human and at the same time divine, manifested.
This means that he becomes mature, responsible for his existence, knowing that he and the other are the same, under the guidance of his higher self.