The Multy Self


We are multidimensional beings. This means that we can 'move' within different dimensions at the same time, consciously.
We are already doing this unconsciously, while dreaming. That is also the first function of dreams. Puncture this lie. It is impossible for our true nature to stay in a distorted, restrictivee nvironment for too long.
Then the body becomes tired, has pain and eventually dies. It vanishes.
We are formless, we have 'a' body as a vehicle here on earth. Our body is part of us and also a multidimensional being. It is our light body the moment we release our ridiculous ideas of separation.
It is like being stuck in a chair, and not being able to do it, a crazy idea. That is not the fault of the chair.
We explore multidimensionality together with you if you want it.



We support every person who wants to step out of his limited vision into the cosmos.
That we think to be alone in this universe has everything to do with our heavily distorted image of ourselves as an "self."
The idea of ​​an "I- even 'that is separate, an' I 'that has to work to survive, and still dies is also insane.
From a multidimensional point of view, this nonsensical belief is like an adult man who is still in his baby bed and screams that he does not can.
A desperate but at the same time comical image. But a faith is always in the past, we look at the now.
We are not separate beings, cut off from our source. We create our own reality. We are so many I-selves, the higher self if you want to.
Discover this immense reality is our passion. Helping other people to let go of their old reality is our goal. We are much more.

Even time is not linear. It is only a framework in which we are allowed to discover who we are and what we can all 'invent':
Also separateness.
Also unity consciousness.
This is free will in its full glory: Who do you want to think you are, and you are.

We offer this course in workshops and training Whoever has questions or just wants to beep is on a meeting evening