The Self and Incarnation

A desire for experiencing / manifesting (on Earth) happens through a self, a sub part of the Creator led by a coordinator, the Higher Self.
The Higher Self is all selves, everywhere in Space, and everywhere in Time.
The absolute 'unity' is released and the focus shifts from the higher self to a zoomed in lower self. Increasingly zooming in, focusing on a detail within the whole of Althatis, we call incarnating. The soul is, as it were, a whole of selves within a certain planning, a planning to create a certain series of 'experiences', to investigate a certain area of 'life'. For the soul this is an adventurous journey through 'it-self', coordinated by the highest self (higher self)

Zooming in is done through various steps or embodiments. We use a 12 + 1 division, but each layout is fine. It is only building up a structure where there is in fact complete unity. Only in the lowest 4 bodies one knows a kind of split, called duality. 

An energy block can occur in one of the embodiments. Our technique consists of starting a communication between the body where the blockage appears to be located and the body above it or even higher. Restoring the energy, 'understanding' and 'integrating' the higher plan leads to healing.