From 3D to 5D

Knowing is three dimensional. Knowing is multidimensional.

The earth has shifted to 5D and we also call this Ascension.

Understanding and applying the above is Ascension.

Christ is the coordinator of the Ascension, started 2000 years ago. Religion has little or nothing to do with this, it can be a tool. It is rather a cosmic project / process.




In practice:


· To transcend your "I" is to understand and apply the Trinity.

· Every form of inner guide is a door to Ascension, 5D, whatever name fits the personal path.

· There is only ONE SELF. We finally find out.

· This is a personal and a collective process, because there is only 1 self.

In person


I met guides and understood my origins.

From then on I was trained to be in service and to fulfill my task.

I have taken few or no courses. The majority was "given" to me. Experiencing the process now gives me the opportunity to recognize stepping stones and stumbling moments.

My specialty is to get people on their path just like I was brought on my path. This means that I bring them into contact with their self beyond their ego. From there they can "walk" their own path, solve their problems, and answer their questions. I strive for them to experience their truth themselves by letting them experience their higher selves. This method is better than any answer from a third person or the like. A combination is usually the reality.

It is my wish to continue growing in unity and dialogue with the source.


Eric Huysmans