Personal Consult

How I work:


Every consultation is different and impossible to describe, but I can give you a certain picture, with some imagination on your part.

People come to me and say that they have lost their 'keys', they cannot find them anywhere.

After sufficient check-out, I get an 'image' of that 'key'.

I tell that person that image.

If the client can place / feel this image, then we can build on that. You feel the key / guide.

A common thread is formed and the client can pick up this thread and continue to work with it. He has found the following key.

I facilitate. It is your process / key.




Ultimately, the intention is then your inner voice, your higher self guides you. That is his function: to be a guide.

It is even better if we get to the point where we are our own guide, that we have fully integrated zero thinking into our existence.