The Ascension Process

The Ascension process is like a journey to a certain city.

You can take the highway, but that is maybe boring and you learn little on the way.

You can take a detour or some smaller paths. That is more exciting and fun and there is much to see.

Everyone has their own path, only the arrival is certain.

Time is the distance you have traveled between the starting point and the point of appointment.

Everyone starts and ends within the same NOW moment.

Time and space are therefore relative, seen from the third dimension.

There is no wrong path, there are no bad choices.

There is certainly an agreement to arrive together at the celebration of the graduation ceremony.

Together we are now on the way to a party, the final touches:

1. Waking up from the global duality program

2. Increasing your energy frequency and learning to co-create

3. Replacing the I-consciousness to the soul unity consciousness

4.Creating a open communication network with the Higher Self

5. Opening a channel for universal knowing

6.(Re) connection with all life forms

7. Healing your body and spirit

8. From separation to unity