Cosmic Gates 10

We learn together.

A finger moves only in conjunction with the other fingers.
 We come together and go our own way again.

It is a group journey. Our souls learn and experience in mutual cooperation. We learn from unity.

A cosmic gate is a collection point, placed in time and space. It is not wise on our path of learning / experiencing to stray too far or lag behind. We are then urged to hurry.
When approaching such a cosmic assembly point, light workers can experience a kind of stress, an inner urge to go on. Less sensitive people can just feel stress, or even pain or illness or drama.
It is a kind of bottle neck, a checkpoint through which everyone must pass. It is a checking moment. Guides, angels and exalted masters take care of that. It is an intense mix of learning, agreeing, releasing, helping and moving on.

There is not one way, one truth. Butthere i s one goal from a hodgepodge of interests and "lessons". This is a group travel. Everyone has left together and everyone arrives together.

Star gates ensure a smooth flow.


There is no right or wrong. There is only one seemingly fast or slow, straight ahead or side roads. Everything happens from free will and in mutual coordination.

It is a wonderful journey of fingers that move independently of each other, and with each other, like a baby learns to swim to an adult who models and manifests with fine fingers, creates and materializes.

Every movement is important. Everybody is required. Nobody or nothing is useless.

If we realize this and focus on ourselves behaving in a similar way, the new world emerges: 5D.

We recognize each other as fingers on one hand. Dancing fingers work together and co-create with our creator. We create with HIM, the source.