Life as it is 8

Life as it is


Life as it is (multidimensional)


For example, if you are focused on one finger, you will not see your hand and the other fingers.


That is a choice.

The photo on the left is an image that makes us understand that the other fingers of our hand were never gone. It is similar to the above. Only with the above do the fingers seem completely gone.

  They were always there. You have tucked them away, no matter how strange.

This image is a way to show the difference between 3D and 5D. It is purely a matter of choice and focus.

A separate finger does not exist at all. We can still summarize that a little.

In the same way, the waiter and the finger person cannot actually be approached separately. They are connected to each other. The relationship waiter and you are (apparently) hidden, however absurd. We have only forgotten the relationship or 'overlooked' it. It was a choice not to see it.

  An individual person (such as a finger on himself) does not exist at all. This understanding is the quantum leap from 3D to 5D.

In the new 5th dimension we begin to understand that in life we ​​look in a mirror at every moment and therefore at ourselves in a mirror. The waiter is a mirror of us, just as a 'thing' around us is a mirror of who we think we are. Talk about learning!

The law of cause and effect has been amended. It has had an upgrade.

We previously assumed that the law of cause and effect was a fixed external fact: there was the cause and then the effect.

And this experience took place 'outside of us', without our knowledge.

This is not the case. Every event bears 'our' stamp of approval.

Only in the third dimension, the dimension of individuation, do things seem to happen without our knowledge, where a single finger seems to exist without a hand. This was set up as a study objective.

The third dimension is only a way of "looking". It allowed us to experience and study the cause and effect meticulously. It is like learning to walk step by step from a toddler.

This is called "learning."

That is what we are doing here on earth: learning what manifesting is creating ... as a divine being.

We are apprentice gods.

Life makes us learn and learning does not stop until we are finished. The earth is a learning environment.

We cannot learn to stop as long as we live. Stopping learning equals being dead.

Death, however, does not exist. It is only the end of "learning" this lesson.

We leave "the current class" and go to the next, without penalty or penalty.

And so, in 2012, we left the 'kindergarten class' after Ascension Point.

This was the message of the Maya: the end of the 3rd dimension.