Life beyond Ascension 9

After the Ascension point the rules of the game change accordingly.

Previously, cause and effect were separate phenomena: IF this ... THEN that.

With 'If and then' it seemed as if the waiter and the customer seemed separate.
We called that the third dimension: the world seen from the material point of view.

After the Ascension Point the rules become multidimensional. We have outgrown the toddler.
Waiter and customer are as little separated as the fingers of a hand. It takes time and effort to learn to think and live in a multidimensional way.
We learn that together in our workshops.

The cosmos gives us 25,000 years of "time" to become a master of multidimensionality.

Then we go to the next class again: 6D

Learning means daring to make mistakes.

We learn best from mistakes.

 Enjoy mistakes instead of avoiding them.

 No matter how often we clean our nails, our nails will always be "dirty".

 Be proud of your work, the achieved!