We are limitless eternal beings. We are everything and we have everything.

If we feel we don't have something, the solution is simple in principle:

Remember the feeling, the image, the condition prior to '(the feeling of) not having / not being'.

We call this RE-MEMBERING.

A master remembers this.

We are always everything, but the action that is now being asked of you is to remember this.

This is an action, such as moving an object.

It is not improving or repairing. It is at most a forgetfulness. Ha there it is!

But that forgetfulness, 'where had I left it again' can be very persistent and demand 'time'.

Yet we are and remain timeless beings who use 'time' as a means of remembering, just like you use a pen to write.

We have a pen, just like we have a body, we have time and space.

Time is a means. Space is that too. It is at our disposal.

Mastery is the action, the movement of remembering.

It is an action, past right or wrong.