We are limitless eternal beings. We are everything and we have everything.

If we don't have something, the correct question is: why do I think / did think that?

How have I given this thought truth and value?

The solution is the same: remember 'the moment' that you had this thought. Let go of this thought and remember the thought before that, when you did not yet have that thought.

This is called healing.

This is possible with any therapy that "brings" you back to the original state.

Every therapy is a 're-membering'. The way 'back' is different with every therapy. The outcome is the same: unity, being whole.

We can analyze the act of remembering and / or divide it into phases.

We have chosen 12 phases, also called dimensions.

Changing the 'thought' or 'starting point' or 'frame of reference' or dimension requires 'effort'.

It is like looking at your own finger and realizing that you have 5 of them, and your gazing, your focus shifts to your 'whole' hand.

Upon seeing your entire hand, you notice that there is an arm on it, and then a body on it.

These are focus shifts, dimension shifts.

A drop becomes an ocean.

A caterpillar becomes a butterfly.

12 Steps in our case.

From three dimensionality to multidimensionality