Material Mastery-3

For most of us, material mastery is attracting abundance and experiencing abundance.

Each of us has his personal preferences and goals in this, but this is the common denominator.

Material mastery is simple when viewed from close.

All material or matter comes from mother earth. Our body is built from birth through matter from the earth. Everything we eat and consume comes from the earth originally.

This matter returns to the earth at our transition.

Mother Earth knows no difference between her and the material she makes available.

Do we do that too?

Material mastery is when we also see no difference between what material has been made available to us and given to us on loan.

Possession is a concept, just like control arises out of panic, not knowing what is happening.

Service is also the realization that everything is connected to everything.

Feeling connected, behaving as one and offering oneness is the basis for material mastery.

In oneness we cannot be denied because we do not have to claim anything.


Meesterschap is een steeds voortdurende innerlijke instelling.

It is already there.

If we want to wear it in an atmosphere of control, we actually say that we do not have the desired.

Then we actually repel it, project it into the future, into space / time and duality arises ....

by our state of mind.

Mastery is a constant inner attitude.