Material Mastery-4

Material mastery is reminding yourself that every materialization or manifestation happens from within your source.

You and the source are one.

Remembering, returning to the source, to your SELF, healing is an action, not a repairing.

We have classified this operation in 12 parts.

Manifesting, materializing is 'showing' 'prsenting' 'experiencing' who you are.

Showing who you are not is called 'illness' and is, at most, a misunderstanding.

The misunderstanding is that you look at your finger and have lost your hand as 'out of sight'.

The misunderstanding is that we think we are a caterpillar while we are a butterfly, or rather both.

In this respect you could call the caterpillar your three-dimensional identity and the butterfly your multidimensionality.

Ascension is just that, (re) discovering your multidimensionality.

Materializing is the embodying of who you are, from high 12 to layer low 1.

Ascension is remembering that you can go back from layer 1 to layer high 12 and start your way back.

Creation and creator become / are one again, or better are experienced as one.