No Man is an Island en 11

Closer to home, we must now also realize that we are learning multidimensional beings.

Surviving may have been our past, but it cannot be our future.

Individuality, being the best, in constant competition with everything and everyone was perhaps a necessary phase to learn "given the circumstances".

But ultimately we make our own circumstances. This realization grows and the individual as separate from everything and everyone, as the highest form, will disappear and disappears at this very moment from our learning worldview.

So also in the day-to-day street scene this will disappear and thus see this and support this revolution which is now really on the agenda.

Being better, being smarter than…. Being whiter, being richer, being more beautiful than a story is nearing its end.

The "being better than" is not really questioned. It will no longer be worth a question. Better than who or what

Recognizing the other as part of your self has begun. Fierce discussions show this everywhere and in all possible areas.

Interdependence is a fact and will no longer be ignored.

How to deal with these new insights, that is the question?

How do I deal with the fact that I am my own cause?

In the past, "the other" was the culprit and he / she was taunted and fought.

Majority, compromise, democracy, security, abundance, health and even peace are all too often restrictive words and therefore principles that carry separation. They can remain I visions.

How to no longer fight yourself is the right question and attitude.

Fighting yourself is completely and inevitably self-destructive.

To see this self-destruction around us can seem cruel to look at. "I" is a dying species.

However, the answer is simple and simple:

I am another you,

You are another me.