Spiritual Mastery-5

Spiritual mastery and material mastery are no different.

Manifesting is a spiritual act. The result is a manifestation or materialization or an individuation. They are all synonyms and only indicate a different section between 1 and 12. This for practical reasons, never for substantive reasons.



Spiritual mastery does not mean to have complete control over 'your' manifestations, but ultimately not to have control. The whole point of spiritual mastery is to be in balance, not in control.

Whatever develops, whatever happens, moment by moment in your life, you are able to act or respond to it based on the natural fundamental love that exists between all forms of life.

There is unity in your heart so that there is unity around you, always and everywhere.

Spiritual mastery is the foundation of a range of ways of being (12?) And a rainbow of ways of understanding, appreciating and interacting in harmony with your world.

You are one with things. If you still need to know something, you know it, just when you need it, not beforehand, just in time.

Seeking control is actually a form of panic. You then have no idea what’s going on. That is your only and fundamental problem.

The solution takes one moment or forever. It is at maximum a misunderstanding.

The opposite of this misunderstanding is deep connectedness and deep trust. What is called intuitive knowing is in fact ‘not knowing’. Every moment is unique and every moment is an adventure, always now.

Each of your responses is then unique. Then you are truly free and yourself.