In fact, life is simple.

Life shows you who you think you are.

A simplified example:

You order a regular coffee and the waiter brings you a water.

This is a 3 dimensional experience. You think the waiter has made a mistake. This is called projection. You believe the waiter and you are seperate beings.

Life then asks you in 3D to look at:





What did I order?

What did the waiter understand?

What did I receive?


In this way we learn what cause and effect is.

This is how we learn material mastery.

The waiter reflects your action.

Life lets you "experience" that your action may or may not lead to the preset response.

Is there synchronization between what you want and what you get?

In psychology we call this mirroring.


A renewed promotion is expected from you in the above case.

You order an ordinary coffee again (karma).

The waiter brings you a cappuccino.


Disappointment or joy are additional information in this to test your "experience" against its "value".

What did I order?

What did the waiter understand?

What did I receive?

If we understand and remember that we have folded away the other fingers, we can get the fingers back through a single action.

Remembering is thus an action. No fingers are made up or made.

The moment we understand that the waiter and the I person are two fingers on the same hand, the rules of the game change and multidimensionality emerges.

Learning from 'mirroring' has been lifted to a higher level.