The Only Solution

THE SOLUTION (from dualism)


The solution to every human problem has been known for 2000 years and was presented by Christ, who also simply learnt it.

But as often it was misunderstood. Let us no longer do this today.

Every problem is a perception problem: dualism is a wrong concept and only a view, not a real reality.

All humanity believes that the world is dualistic: cause and effect keep each other in balance.

Humanity endorses this view, and so realizes it collectively. It is just a collective sense of illusion.

That is not true.

The world is like the holy trinity.

This was not understood at the time because humanity was not ready. Christ knew this too. The question is: are we ready now? There is nothing religious about this. It is very simple logic.

What to understand here:

Cause and effect are just two elements from a triptych. We miss one.

The third is IDENTITY or "I". You cannot remove "I" from the comparison.

In other words: There is a creator, a created one and a creating: three in one.

You cannot approach these three elements separately. Do this and there will be an imbalance that we can call the veil. In other words: it's just wrong.

Thinker, thought and thinking are one and the same (person).

This is the "godly thought" and the solution to every problem.

You are your own cause and effect. The mistake lies in not seeing / understanding that you (still) look from your "I".

Looking at your "IK" or EGO makes every possible solution disappear. It changes responsibility for your own thinking / acting in a perpetrator / victim system.

But such a system does not exist at all. It is just a bad logic.

When Christ said: my kingdom is not from this world, he meant, among other things, that the solution is not in the third dimension, because this world is not three-dimensional.

Dualism only seems to make them that way, due to the wrong perception.

In the middle of the trinity is a space that the ego cannot understand. Yet this space is larger than the entire third dimension. We keep this new world closed due to our erroneous approach to ALL THAT WE SEE. We see everything as outside of us ... .. through our own logic / choice.

Seeing this is the solution. It is so hard or so easy. It is a perception error.

There is no separate "IK". STAY IN THE MIDDLE.

In the middle of the trinity there is a time / space beyond duality. You cannot understand this because understanding requires a separate "I" that does not exist.

This space beyond dualism is also known as KNOWING.

You can call it heaven, but that is another "story".